Saturday, November 24, 2007

Our New House

In April of 2003 my wife, Natasha, and I bought 15 acres just outside of Madison, WI in the Town of Berry. This blog will detail our progress.

We looked at many different sites before selecting this current property. Tasha's parents were constantly helping us look for a suitable place while we were living in Cleveland. We looked at 40 acres on top of the Baraboo hills, a flat prairie near the Wisconsin river, and a wooded pine area on top of a hill near Verona, and a few others.

Nothing was perfect and then Tasha's parents found this property which had the features and location we were looking for. It is 1/3 woods (largely walnut) and 2/3 open field. It has some nice changes in elevation, great views, and will make the perfect place for our new home. Full steam ahead!


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