Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Finding an Architect

In the spring of 2006 we started looking for an architect that shared our some of our goals and ideals in homebuilding. We were mainly looking for someone who embraced the design ideas popularized by Sarah Susanka in her Not so Big series and would be able to guide us through green/sustainable design and building decisions. We, largely Joe, had spent about 3 years learning, and educating me (Tasha), more about green building so we went into our search with about 6 pages of desires and questions.

After meeting with several area architects we were both left wanting. I think any of them would have worked out just fine, but they were either too busy to follow through with their proposal or we didn't quite have the rapport needed for a successful relationship.

We were stuck in a little lurch until my mother-in-law met our future architects, Crescendo Design, at The MREA's annual energy fair. They have some great looking houses and have done a lot of work in the green design area. We will be starting to work more closely with them come 2008.


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