Monday, May 5, 2008

Brief countertop, siding, and builder update.

Briefly, we went to a couple kitchen places today. We found samples of the Vertrazzo and like the bistro with the patina (dark rather than white cement). No one had a full counter of any of them out as they said it is too new. They all seemed to think it would be very expensive and exceed marble or granite as a comparison. They said Paperstone was much more reasonable but of course not quite as cool.

We met with one of the builders today and they suggested we look into LP Smartside instead of composite cement siding. It is a engineered wood product with a 50 year warranty. It is supposedly as green and durable as cement but easier to install and thus perhaps a little cheaper. We are reserving judgement right now.

I think that is it... I am too tired to remember much else. Good night!


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