Friday, April 18, 2008

Plans and Elevations

More plans and elevations. It's not as exciting to get these plans as it once was. I guess I'm becoming more accustomed to the whole process. I guess the next big thing will be digging the hole.

Comments on the plans below the pictures.

  1. The dog door is supposed to just be a dog door. On the exterior drawings it looks like a real full size door.
  2. The hall windows on the second floor (and thus the first floor) have not been moved so that the interior windows in bedroom 1 actually get some exterior light and not just a view of the hall wall.
  3. On the exterior drawing from the south view the two corner windows are still missing.
  4. The back gate for the garage breeze way is missing. We talked about putting this in so the dog/kids etc... couldn't just run out the back.

Other questions/issues.
  1. It looks like it is way further south on the property than what we thought from when we were out there. It was our impression the north side of the garage was pretty close to the north side of the property line.
  2. Please put the door to the master bedroom/WIC back in. I think we will just put a small AC in our room and Bedroom 1.
  3. Still not happy with how bedroom 1 looks in terms of bed and windows. Can the windows be moved over? Or better yet, a small square/or long thin window be put where the head of this bed is? Maybe even like one of the window's in the master bath? Another idea of how to get a window near the head of the bed for ventilation and natural reading light would be much appreciated. A little ventilation and lighting is what I am going for but I am not sure how to best achieve it.
  4. Joe wonders if we are not making a mistake by putting a bigger closet in bedroom 1 along the west wall. I kind of like it how it is but want to make sure there is enough storage. How big are those closets? Big enough that we could change the doors to more standard folding/sliding closet doors in both?
  5. Can we put a window, or 2 window wells, in hall of granny shack? That hall looks dark and long.
  6. I didn't buy my dining room table and matching chairs/bar stools and now the one I picked out is gone and I cannot find another I like which is the same size. The replacement table I found is shorter but wider. 104 x 47. Can you see if this will fit in the space or if it needs to be wider to be comfortable? Do we still need the bump out at this length? Once we see how it looks in the plans I think I am just going to buy the one I know found so we don't have this problem again.
  7. Do you think there should be a window at the far east end of the long hall to master bedroom? So when you enter and look down you don't see a wall?
  8. We think the door from mudroom to breeze way and breeze way to garage should line up. Unless there is a reason they shouldn't.
  9. I know the driveway is very preliminary but we were hoping we could get the circle a little tighter and a more symmetrical circle in front of the entry.


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