Monday, February 18, 2008

Our revisions and thoughts

Over the weekend we had some time to talk about the previous plans and came up with a few ideas.

Tasha's thoughts:
  1. Move entryway next to E-W wing. (She doesn't like it dividing the kitchen/dining/spaces)
  2. Laundry room in E-W wing
  3. Slightly larger dining room to better accommodate extended table. Most likely we'll leave it fully extended as we don't really gain anything by leaving it small.
  4. Place couches perpendicular to fireplace. We're planning on large rug between them for children driving cars, reading on the floor, playing monster, etc.
  5. Have basement bathroom in the E-W wing.
  6. Family room -- open finished space with storage for toys, etc -- in basement.
  7. Bathtub along exterior wall with windows in master bath so Tasha can look out the windows will soaking and also have orchids.
My thoughts:
  1. Garage to the north for sheltering house. Opens up southern face--much to Tasha's (who doesn't want to see neighbors at all costs!) chagrin--of N-S wing--including the basement; I was surprised at how much the land dropped off in that direction.
  2. Just toilet separate in second floor bathroom.
  3. Bedrooms upstairs slightly larger.
  4. Some sort of landing with a bookcase and chairs on the second floor.
  5. Simple family room in basement.
It was the painting fiasco that convinced me that moving the garage to the north was a good idea. I sure hope, for my sake, the neighbors don't put there house any where over there! Also for my sake, I hope no noise will make it from the kitchen to the bedrooms upstairs! I also was thinking about having the deck covered in the back with the gable from the screened porch in the front mainly because I love symmetry. Symmetry is beautiful.

We came up with some imperfect floor plans detailing some of our thoughts.

Main Floor

Second and Basement Floors

In case any one's keeping score: by having no southern views out of the N-S wing Tasha was going to let me buy several bikes. Now, with my bright idea to move the garage to the north and open up the southern views my bikes have been nixed and Tasha's picking out all of the furniture.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am in awe of you both. Jobs, kids, and house building. Amazing. However this does damper my enthusiasm to build my own house. Better not to know how differnt Bryan and I really are :). I read your updates with great anticipation of the final product!

February 19, 2008 at 11:13 PM  

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