Thursday, February 28, 2008

More Floor Plans, very very close!

The next set of floor plans has arrived!

It is almost exactly what we wanted. Largely a reinterpretation of what we had roughly drawn out and sent to Jon and Kandy. You will notice the kitchen and garage have been moved to the north and the east-west wing is longer making for more southern sun exposure. Joe is very happy about this feature. Aunt Susie will be happy to see this also puts the bathroom near the garage and entry way. We also had to loose the formal pantry which we decided is okay. It is no secret I preferred the layout the other way but can understand the merits of this organization.

I am okay with all this and excited to move forward. We are going to tentatively work from these set of plans except we plan to leave the "craft room" unfinished in the basement and change it from a carport to a 3 car garage separated from the house by a hall/breezeway. It seems silly to face an open car port into the winter winds.

Square footage wise it seems it is getting a little big but we are actually pretty close to my estimate of 2500 square feet (not including the "granny shack" and a open finished space in the basement for the kids to play). It is much bigger than Joe's plan for less than 1800 square feet but there was no way to fit everything we both wanted into that space.

The next step is more formal exterior drawings and if this looks good then 2D elevations.


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