Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bids, depressing..

Long time no blog!

We bid out our plans and let's just leave it at WOW. There were pluses and minuses to everyone and the range of thoroughness was vast. One thing was common: they were all too expensive but that also varied in degree. It was educational. We think we are going to have to pick who we feel most comfortable with and then work on getting it into a more reasonable range. Everyone shall remain unnamed until the final selection is made.

I did have a little crises of heart during the bid process that maybe this "one room thick thing" was a mistake but I think I am over this now.

We also went to the bank and they will approval people for a radiculous amount of loan/debt... it is no wonder no one in America saves anything and we are a society of credit card debt. Lunatics.

We have started to work on our driveway plans and it looks like best case senario with the next town meeting would be getting the driveway in September. We may have the longest design planning phase on history at this point. At least we will have time to get the price down and do our "shopping."

Joe is off to the Midwest Renewable Energy Association Fair in Custer WI this weekend and hopefully he will come back with all kinds of brillant and reasonable ideas. It is quite the event.

More to follow another night!