Sunday, October 5, 2008


Still working on the plans, hopefully closer and some pictures soon. We are also going to go look at some houses soon to get some exterior ideas. Joe and the builders are trying to sell me on stucco but thus far I think it is still heinous. Sorry, to any stucco fans out there. Who knows, maybe I will be a convert soon.

We went on the MREA solor tour. Joe went alone and saw 9 or 10 houses. Mom and I went with the kids to Spring Green and managed to see 1 unusual house, have lunch with the kids in a park, and spend most of the afternoon on the Wisconsin river. We didn't learn nearly as much as Joe but I came home with pictures of the kids on the sandbar and in the WI river up to their chests in water. How often does that happen in WI this time of year?

Hopefully driveway in later this month or early next month! The soybeans will be out within 2 weeks and we have to get the price split out for the first part since we have a joint driveway agreement with the people who have the only other lot. Hopefully this will go well since we are going to be neighbors for a long time. Unless there is someone out there who wants to buy their lot, it is still for sale.

On another bright note, Joe talked to them today and it seems they are going to build close to the road so we don't have to spend so much time worrying about looking right at their house.


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